The Toke-Able

How to use the Toke-Able

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The Settings Screen

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode is a display mute option.

  • Stealth Mode ON - Display will not display unless you hit up, down, select buttons or device auto-locks.
  • Stealth Mode OFF - Display works as normal.

Time & Date

To set your date and time use up, down and select buttons to navigate and administrator settings.


Brightness setting is a slider bar, press the select button to enable adjusting and slide left to dim and right to brighten. 

Temperature Units

Temperature units can be changed by pressing the select button to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

Lock Settings

Profile options are as follows:

  • Clicks to Lock - Displays the number of clicks to lock or unlock.
  • Unlock Sequence - Change the lock/unlock sequence.
  • Auto Lock - Enables the device to auto lock after a given time.
  • Time - Auto lock time of inactivity before locking device.
Section 8 Installing the 510 device.