The Toke-Able

How to use the Toke-Able

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The Pre-Heat Screen

Pre-Heat Settings

Pre-Heat is a setting that allows the Toke-Able to apply a little more power at the start up when you press the fire button to heat up the atomizer faster. For most users, this will not be used.

Use the up and down buttons as navigation and the select button to enable it.

Pre-Heat Enabled

Pre-heat mode will likely only be used with temperature controllable atomizers. Be careful with this setting as it can burn the coils in your atomizer.

Options are as follows:

  • Enable - If check pre-heat is enabled.
  • Power - The device will use 75 watts to pre-heat the atomizer.
  • Temp - This is adjustable to set a pre-heat temperature when using device. Only works in temperature control mode. 
  • Punch - The punch slider, controls how aggressive the pre-heat is.
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