The Toke-Able

How to use the Toke-Able

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Understanding Profiles

Toke-Able Profiles

We have made every effort to insure you have a efficient and enjoyable experience with our device. We have included profiles for many of the common atomizers that you may want to use with your Toke-Able.

Profile options are as follows:

  • Cart - Cartomizer profile
  • Dry Herb - Profile for dry herb devices.
  • Wax - Profile for wax devices.
  • Dab - Profile for dab.
  • E-Nail - Profile for your e-nail.
  • Custom 1 - Can be set for what ever you want
  • Custom 2 - Can be set for what ever you want
  • Custom 3 - Can be set for what ever you want

Each profile will store the following settings:

  • Atomizer resistance
  • Material type ( Watts for most all devices )
  • Desired wattage setting or temperature setting
  • Pre-Heat settings

This will make it very easy for you to switch between different atomizers and use your desired settings for each. 

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