The Toke-Able

General Information

Lets talk about what the Toke-Able has to offer you.

The Toke-Able purpose designed for you

Custom designed anodized aluminum case comes in 2 colors black and green.
Customizable covers for the side and can be ordered to make the device custom for you.
Custom designed battery board to facilitate a clean and stable mount for the 18650 battery.
Spring loaded 510 connector to insure good connection to your 510 devices.
Red anodized aluminum buttons for long life and durability.
We have included several profiles so you can quickly switch between 510 devices easily and efficiently.

Powered by Evolv Vapor DNA 75 Color Board

The Evolv DNA 75 Color board Specs:

The DNA 75C is a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for personal vaporizers.
It features Evolv’s patented Wattage Control, Temperature Protection, Preheat, a full color TFT screen,
Reverse Polarity Protection, an onboard programmable multi-color LED, waterproof onboard buttons
and a real-time clock. Evolv’s EScribe software and Theme Designer software can be used to fully
customize all aspects of the interface and monitor the user experience. The DNA 75C runs from a single
lithium ion battery, and features battery monitoring and an integrated 1A charger.


The DNA 75C has a built in 1A USB charger. It automatically detects the type of USB power supply it is
connected to, so it can be plugged into standard PC USB ports or higher power chargers.

Battery Monitoring:

The DNA 75C contains a full battery management system that continuously monitors the state and
health of the battery both under load and while idle.

Operating Range:

Output Power    Minimum: 1 watt / Maximum: 75 watts
Output Voltage Minimum: .2 Volts / Maximum: 9 Volts
Output Current, continuous Minimum: .5 Amps / Maximum: 30 Amps
Temperature Control Minimum: 200°F / Maximum: 600°F
Atomizer Resistance, cold Minimum: .02 Ohm / Maximum: 8.0 Ohm